John J. Bowman, Jr. is an accountant and lawyer based currently based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His specialty is as a tax professional, and his work has been met with praise and commendation over the years. Over the course of his career, he has been nominated and appointed to several committees and organizations, including the prestigious Presidential Business Commission by the United States Congress and the Honorable Thomas DeLay (TX), for Tax Relief Strategies. In addition to these honors, he has been appointed to serve on the Senatorial Inner Circle, an initiative of former president Ronald Reagan.

John J. Bowman Jr. Accoutant in causal jacket

In the early 1970’s John Bowman, Jr. was educated at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in accounting, with a concentration in tax. On campus, he was active in the Young Lawyers Organization. After graduating from RMU, he went on to study at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. Bowman entered the OPM/Law combined programs and concentrated in business administration, tax law, and accounting.  John Bowman, Jr. received a unique education from Harvard by focusing on corporate growth, law, leadership skills, and financial success. Mr. Bowman was able to build the network he needed in order to grow professionally and distinguish himself in the corporate world.

At Bowman & Associates, John J. Bowman, Jr., accountant, lends his experience and expertise to an amazing legal tax team. They’ve stood out from the crowd in several ways, and this strategy of differentiation has helped them to become one of the most respected firms nationwide. Bowman & Associates develops high quality/high price positions without sacrificing any of the quality. They have finely tailored their target and niche markets, and have a great grasp of projected target, niches and ancillary markets. Most importantly, they have worked to remove the tax concept of horizontal equity. From Joint Committee Congressional cases to Worthless Limited Partnership cases to Criminal Restitution, to Gas & Oil cases and Race Horses Bowman & Associates has successfully defended clients in a number of tax disciplines. And that’s not even accounting for the Criminal Cases where successful defenses have involved Search Warrants, Grand Jury Proceedings and RDAP Early Release from prison situations.

The Presidential Business Commission (PBC) appointment was a major accomplishment for John J. Bowman Jr. as an accountant and legal professional. But what is it exactly? The PBC was an association of professional business people and political strategists who worked closely with Republican leadership to protect the President’s Majority in the House of Representatives in the pending elections. Mr. Bowman’s selection was due in part to outstanding contributions while serving as an Honorary Chairman of the Party’s Business Advisory Council. The position of the PBC was far from symbolic, and Bowman played a huge role in crafting strategy.

Today, John J. Bowman, Jr., accountant, operates offices out of both Bethel Park, PA, and Washington, D.C. If you are interested in contacting Bowman in either state, you can reach via the contact information included below:

Bethel Park, PA

5347 Enterprise Boulevard.
(412) 295-8013

Washington, D.C.
1629 K. Street Northwest
Suite 300
(202) 600 7827