Although debit cards are extremely convenient, they aren’t always the right choice for payments. Under some circumstances, it’s actually more beneficial to use a credit card. Here are four things that should always be paid for with a credit card instead of a debit card.

Furniture and Appliances

Large home purchases, such as furniture and appliances, should always be made with a credit card. These purchases are large enough that a mistake by the delivery team or the manufacturer can cost buyers thousands of dollars. With a credit card, it’s possible to dispute the charges, even if the seller isn’t willing to arrange a refund directly. In addition, the size of these purchases means that even 1-2 percent cashback will add up to a considerable sum of money.

Car Rentals

When renting a car, it’s almost imperative to use a credit card. Even if the rental company will allow renters to pay with a debit card, they should expect to pay a large additional fee in order to do so. Rental car companies also tend to run credit checks on renters who pay with debit cards. This, in turn, can cause damage to the renter’s credit score by adding an unnecessary hard inquiry. To avoid this hassle and expense, anyone renting a car should be prepared to pay with a credit card.

Recurring Payments

People with memberships and subscriptions often make the mistake of billing their bank accounts directly through their debit cards. While there’s little risk of losing money this way, credit card rewards on these recurring payments can add up over time to significant amounts. Points, miles, and cashback rewards can all be built on recurring payments with no extra effort. Given this fact, it rarely makes sense to make these recurring payments using anything other than a credit card.

Online Purchases

Unfortunately, online scams are everywhere these days. Sellers who bait and switch their buyers or fail to deliver at all are quite common, even on major online platforms. Credit cards offer a degree of protection against this kind of behavior by allowing buyers to dispute charges and get their money back.

While debit cards certainly have their place, they aren’t for everything. These four types of purchases are generally best made with credit cards, as debit cards introduce higher risks or lower rewards in these cases.